IRS E-File is the fastest most accurate way to file your taxes. Filing your federal, state and city tax returns using E-File is easier and more convenient than ever before! Most taxpayers can benefit from this service. Here at Zappitelli Financial, we can conveniently, quickly and safely transmit your return and receive proof of acknowledgement.

E-Filing is a simple process. As always, IRS E-File means a more accurate return, fast refunds – in half the time compared to filing a paper return – and even faster and safer with Direct Deposit! IRS E-File also offers the convenience of filing your tax return early and delaying payment up until the due date.

IRS DIRECT DEPOSIT- Taxpayer has the option of having refund directly deposited into their account of choice. This is the quickest way to receive your refund with an average 14 day turnaround once filed and accepted.

IRS CHECK- If you do not have a bank account or wish to see the refund in your hand, you always have the option of receiving a paper check. This process usually takes 3-4 weeks. For E-fliers that owe the IRS, you have the opportunity to “E-File now, pay later”. We will give each client who owes a voucher and envelope with correct address on it. This makes paying easier for our clients. On the voucher you will also see that you have the option to pay your tax liability online with a credit card. Talk to one of our tax preparers or accountants about any concerns you may have, if this pertains to you.

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